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“A Winter’s Tune” in 2023?

Please enjoy the videos from past AWT artists and performances on this page as a preview for future performances.


Video Music From AWT to You!

While we were “home for holidays” (pandemic) in 2020-22 – we found some tapes from that dusty box from the attic. Take a couple sled runs down memory lane with the “A Winter’s Tune” videos below.

"Red Eye Pilot" - Dave Boutette

"Reindeer Shuffle" - Susan Harrison

"Winter in West Michigan" - YouTube Playlist of CD Tracks

Enjoy this playlist of songs from the “Winter in West Michigan” CD project – on YouTube. The CD was the brainchild of Scott Haibich (SGN Publishing) who curated and managed the project along with producer/engineer “Michigan Mark” DePree. The project was Inspired by the previous year’s AWT show, for which many of the included songs were reprised from.

"Nothing Burns As Hot As You & Me" - Chance Jones

Chance Jones (Joshua Burge) at “A Winter’s Tune” held at Wealthy Theatre on Sunday December 7, 2008. In “Nothing Burns As Hot As You & Me” Mr. Jones manages to include winter activities, sexy domesticity, a funky acoustic guitar solo, existential musings, economic collapse and Bruce Springsteen in one 3 minute song. Brilliant!

"Holly Jolly Holiday" - J Oscar & Octoberday with Robin Connell

This smoove holiday song takes it’s inspiration from a pile of 60’s Christmas records. An ostensibly light and breezy song of holiday gathering, it takes a turn to the more thoughtful in the bridge, anticipating changing (and more difficult) times, but gets it’s groove back for the chorus. This version comes from the AWT Reboot show, December 19, 2019, at the new Listening Room in downtown Grand Rapids, MI. It features a heard, but not seen Robin Connell (piano/vocal), playing with J Oscar Bittinger (guitar/vocal), Chris Ranney (Pianica), Mark Hugger (bass). Sing along at home to “Holly Jolly Holiday” – ©2007 J Oscar Bittinger-Lauran Hardin

11th Annual "A Winters Tune" (2007)

The full 2007 AWT show recorded Live from Wealthy Theater, presented by WYCE, 88.1fm in Grand Rapids Michigan – Sunday December 2nd, 2007.